• The Academy Awards released a gallery that reminds viewers the key scenes from favorite films, and the lessons learned from those movie heroes. Below is an exclusive look at a scene from "Top Gun," the movie that starred a young Tom Cruise making his way through the Navy's Fighter Weapons School.  The film also starred Kelly McGillis, Val Kilmer and Anthony Edwards. This year, the movie is slated for a re-release in 3D. From a "Gone With the Wind" to "Sound of Music," click here check out the whole collection of classic scenes at Oscar.com. On Feb 26, tune in when the Oscars will honor the best films of 2011.

  • Photos: Fox Searchlight, DreamWorks, The Weinstein CompanyWe're all about art and movies here at Yahoo! But, when you sit around with your friends, and dish the Oscar race with four weeks to go is there a feeling that you're underwhelmed? Maybe you'll TIVO? That is so not where we want to be right now, even if we're constantly griping about how all the movies we loved somehow fell by the wayside — too tart, too tough, too violent, or too toasty. Where for art thou, Viggo? O, Tilda, most radically crabby of mothers!

    Still, we'll continue to report on the external reality of Hollywood as it honors the bests of 2011, while patting itself on the back for its exquisite taste.

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