Fans queue a week in advance for SM Town Concert

Fans started queuing at least five days in advance for the SM Town Live Concert on Friday (Yahoo! Photos / Elizabeth Soh)Fans started queuing at least five days in advance for the SM Town Live Concert on Friday (Yahoo! Photos / Elizabeth …

The mega K-pop concert extravaganza this Friday at the Marina Bay floating platform has seen fans camping out to "chope" the best seats in the house almost a week before the concert.

This despite concert organizers Running Into The Sun telling fans on Saturday it would not allow overnight "queue-ers" to make it fair for all. The star-studded one night only concert will be 18,000 at full capacity and will feature super-hot K-pop acts Super Junior, SHINee, Girls' Generation, BoA, and F(x), among others.

During a check outside the concert venue on Monday afternoon, Yahoo! Singapore saw about 15-20 fans armed with mats, umbrellas, and determination patiently in the queue. Mostly girls in their teens, they were there to make sure that they are first in line for the concert's mosh-pit section.

Fans had started queuing last Friday, but about half dropped out when concert organisers Running Into The Sun made their announcement on their Facebook page, saying it wanted to make it fair for all those attending.

The queue, which originally stretched all the way past Gluttons Bay, was reduced to a persistent handful on Monday, who hope to continue their wait despite the ban.

"Overnight queuing not allowed"

RITS' "Guide To SM Town Live Tour III" has two terms and conditions which clearly state that fans who queue overnight may be required by security to leave the concert premises.

Official opening times for the concert's Mosh Pit are 9 am on Friday, and staff will start distributing wrist tags at 11 am.

"We are not sure if we will wait until Friday, see how I guess," said a 15-year-old male fan who was there with two other friends.

"If they ask us to leave, it's like queuing for nothing, it's not fair," said the fan, who is a student currently having his holidays.

He and his two other friends are keeping a spot for their group of 11 Girls' Generation fans, and they will take turns to keep "queue duty" until Friday.

Then, they will fight for a chance to be a few of the first in the mosh pit and closest to their female K-pop idols on stage.

"Queue-ers for Hire"

In the meantime, other enterprising young Singaporeans are looking to make some extra pocket money from queuing - on behalf of die hard fans who can't do it themselves.

Advertisements on online classifieds like Gumtree have appeared, offering queuing services at an average rate of between $4.50 and $5 an hour.

Queue-ers are now in demand for $5 an hour (Internet screengrab)Queue-ers are now in demand for $5 an hour (Internet screengrab)

Y! Singapore spoke to one of the queue-ers for hire, 16-year-old student Dawn Ong.

"I will start queuing on Wednesday night - I've been paid $4.50 an hour to queue from 12 midnight on Wednesday to Friday morning, 9 am when the official opening starts," said Ong.

That works out to $148.50 for about thirty three hours of "work" for Ong, who will be spending her time reading or watching dramas on her laptop. She will be splitting the money in half with her best friend, who will relieve her of her duty occasionally so she can use the toilet or get a meal.

"It's easy money," said the Secondary Four student, who was "hired" by a group of 10 female fans in their early twenties who are working in the Central Business District nearby.

"They said they will come and check in on me to make sure I'm queuing," said Ong with a laugh.

This year's hotly anticipated SM Town Live Tour III concert has been about queues, queues, and more queues.

First there was the queue for the tickets at the Indoor Stadium, which started two days before the launch date.

The tickets, priced from $168 for a basic seat to a hefty $238 for standing room in the moshpit and $268 for seats in the VIP section, were 90 per cent sold out as of October 2.

Fans started queueing for SM Town a week in advance (Instagram screengrab from Minyani501)Fans started queueing for SM Town a week in advance (Instagram screengrab from Minyani501)

Next, there were long snaking queues around the RITS headquarters at Redhill for pre-sale merchandise.

The items included customised SHINee lightsticks, and are priced from $6.50 for trading cards to $42 for SM Town T-shirts.

Fans queue for SM Town and SHINee merchandise (Photo from Running Into The Sun's Facebook)Fans queue for SM Town and SHINee merchandise (Photo from Running Into The Sun's Facebook)

What do you think? Are the SM Town fans dedicated, passionate, or just plain crazy? Should over night queuing be allowed?

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