Ailee plans to release album in October

17 Aug – It was revealed that "Power Diva" Ailee plans to make a comeback with a new album in October.

As reported on Kpopconcerts website, Ailee recorded her final episode of KBS' "Immortal Song 2" after participating in the show for four months. The singer plans to come out with a new album as soon as she exited the singing show and halted other activities.

Her agency stated, "Ailee had her last stage on "Immortal Song" last week. Although she's received a lot of love from the programme, Ailee want to focus on her new album and make her comeback."

Ailee, who came into the picture as "South Korea's Beyonce" made her debut in February this year through her single, "Heaven". She then joined the KBS 2TV show and became fans favourite, winning the show's challenge week after week.


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