Artists shocked by Lee Ming Ho's case

22 May – Many Hong Kong artists were shocked to hear that musician Lee Ming Ho was involved with the rape case of an actress recently.

According to Jayne Stars, several artists that had previously worked with Lee, who was arrested by police for raping a TVB actress at his VI-MAX Music Studio on 14 May, had come to his defense, claiming him to be a respectable man.

"I have visited [VI-MAX Music Studio] to record songs. I felt that he (Lee Ming Ho) is well-mannered. He does not appear to do something like this [rape]. He was not flirtatious either. He is a dog owner and we will chat a bit about our dogs," said singer Mag Lam.

Another singer Jade Kwan said; "Lee Ming Ho (the rape suspect) is quite nice. Each time, we will talk about our pet dogs. Although each person desired their own degree of freedom, a girl should know how to protect herself."

Other female actresses thinks that it was foolish for the victim to be so careless with a member of the opposite gender, and getting themselves drunk without expecting trouble.

"Some men will become extremely warm after drinking, patting my thighs and giving me hugs. I will immediately move away. It is important to know how to protect yourself and not feel uncomfortable. I will unapologetically push him away! If he does not respect me, I will not respect him either!" said actress Joey Yung.

"I was very scared and shocked when I heard about the rape! Also, since the victim is a TVB artist, I am even more concerned. A woman should never allow herself to get drunk! After you get drunk, you lose your alertness. Even if the man were a good friend, there is no guarantee that something inappropriate will occur after he gets drunk!" said Sire Ma.

Meanwhile, as Netizens are still on the prowl of naming the alleged victims and with more female actresses giving explanations on their whereabouts during the incident, TVB confirmed that the victim was one of theirs and have already met with her on the matter.

TVB executive Virginia Lok revealed that she had spoken with the victim and her family, and praised her courage for reporting it to the police.

"After encountering such an incident (rape), she immediately reported the case to the police. I fully support this course of action; it requires courage!" she said.

Although Lok said that the victim is understandably in a shock, she has advised the victim to continue working as normal to overcome the traumatic experience.


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