Candy Chang hopes career still intact

7 Dec – After her recent arrest for possession of marijuana on 25 November, TVB actress Candy Chang has recently held a press conference to clarify her innocence.

As reported on Jaynestars, in a press conference accompanied by TVB Senior Executive, Virginia Lok, Candy expressed, "The marijuana bags found in the car were not mine. I did not come into contact with the drugs. I am disturbed and nervous over this matter."

The actress continued, "There's not much I can share about the case since it is still under investigation. However, this incident has taught me to be wiser, to be careful of whom I befriend."

Candy added that the male suspect was a platonic friend she got to know two to three weeks ago, a clash in her previous statement that the man was just a driver, who was introduced by a friend, to take her home.

When asked on her opinion about the probability of her being removed from the sequel "The Hippocratic Crush 2", Candy said, "I am not sure. I just hope everyone can give me support and advice."

To this, Virginia Lok clarified, "Candy has a large role in "The Hippocratic Crush 2", but we will only begin filming next year so decision will only be made after we hear about the development of the case."

On 25 November, Candy Chang was arrested for drug possession after police stopped the car she was in. The original speed trap turned into an arrest when police found 13 bags of marijuana in the boot of the car.

Currently, Candy is on bail pending further investigations and will have to report back to the police station on 28 December. She has already been removed from her TVB drama, "Master Understood" due to the case.


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