"The Classic" files injunction against "Love Rain"

11 Jun – It was revealed that Egg Films – producers of "The Classic" (2003) filed for injunction to prohibit Yoon's Color, KBS and KBS Media Corporation from broadcasting their drama, "Love Rain".

As Koreaboo website reported, a legal representative of Egg Films revealed that the Jang Geun-suk – YoonA drama infringes "The Classic" in terms of its detailed summary, development of the story and mutual relationship between the characters in the story. They stated, "Even the scenes that play an important role in expressing the characters internal emotions have been used without prior permission."

They concluded by saying, "Therefore, we have requested for a seizure of the drama for infringement matters with proof to the production and broadcasting company".

Their legal representative stated that the overall structures, storyline and scenes of the drama are very similar to the 2003 film and that it can't be a mere coincidence.


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