EXID introduced Sol-bi and Hye-rin

2 Aug - After the departure of Da-mi, Yu-ji and Hae-ryung and the addition of two new members into the group, rookie girl group EXID have released teaser photos of their new line-up.

According to Allkpop website, the two new members, Sol-ji and Hye-rin will join the now five-member group in their comeback. Sol-ji, who has had an experience making a debut under 2NB will be the main vocalist. Sol-ji is already known for her witty remarks and ability to impersonate, two most important skills to last in variety shows.

Meanwhile another new member Hye-rin will showcase her dancing talent apart from being a vocalist in the group.

The Shinsadong Tiger's girls will be making a comeback mid-August.


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