Five theories about 'The Dark Knight Rises'

THEORY #1 Catwoman works for Bane to get Bruce Wayne/Batman’s trust
The trailers didn’t really indicate if Catwoman (played by Anne Hathaway) is on Batman’s side or Bane’s, but judging by the snippets so far, we suspect that she’s on the latter’s side. We also suspect that Selina Kyle (Catwoman’s alter ego) is a spy for Bane, who was sent to charm Bruce Wayne up and infiltrate his new manor – and Batcave, by the looks of it. Another strong reason why we believe Catwoman is Bane’s slave is Selina was heard saying in the trailer: “You should be as afraid of him as I am”. And here’s what we think is gonna happen next: Selina falls in love with Bruce, and she’ll be his new love interest-slash-sidekick. In the trailer, there are a couple of scenes where we see Catwoman fighting alongside Batman, feeling extremely guilty when she answers that she doesn’t know if they killed Batman and of course, her taking a stroll in Batman’s bike. But the biggest clue is towards the end of the trailer, where we see Catwoman catching a ride with Bats in his “flying car”.


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