General Hospital: Genie Francis Talks Working Again With Anthony Geary & The Impact Of Luke & Laura

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Genie Francis returns to "General Hospital" on Monday and she told Access Hollywood it was "easy" to once again step into Laura Spencer's shoes.

"So easy... so easy... It really is," she told an Access Hollywood producer on the set of the ABC soap, which is gearing up for its 50th anniversary this April on ABC. "It's nice to have something be that comfortable 'cause you really can do your best work in those circumstances."

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Genie has a few weeks of filming under her belt as Laura and that has included filming scenes with Anthony Geary, who plays Luke Spencer.

"I feel more comfortable working with Tony than really anyone," she told Access . "We have sort of a perfect coupling. I've come close in other shows with other couplings but never the perfect fit that I have with Tony.

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"And that's true like with a really great friend you haven't seen in 20 years -- you get back together and it's like you have never been apart," she continued. "It's essentially the same for me and Tony when we work."

Luke and Laura's 1981 wedding was a television milestone, seen by 30 million viewers in 1981.

The love for the couple has continued across the decades and even after the actress last left the show, back in November 2008, when Laura departed Port Charles to seek treatment for her illness.

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News of her return has been met with great excitement by fans. Asked by Access why she thinks the fans still connect with Luke and Laura, Genie said it may have something to due with chemistry.

"I wish I could answer that... If I could answer that, I'd probably be a very successful producer in Hollywood," Genie laughed. "Some of it is just our chemistry as people... There's a tremendous amount of history, both personal and professional between the two of us, so all of that comes to the stage with us.

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"We don't have to work for it," she added. "It's just coming with us... Also, part of it is what we created as Luke and Laura is really important to both of us so when we come together on the stage, we both have a very high bar."

Genie's storyline as Laura is being kept tightly under wraps, but while Luke certainly is still pining away (albeit more quietly of late) for Anna Devane (played by Finola Hughes), and he's been helping out his troubled ex-wife Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliott), Genie told Access it's OK for fans to hope for a Luke and Laura reconciliation.

"I think that we should always hope for reconciliation between these two people," she told Access . "I hope it doesn't happen overnight, 'cause that sort of skips the story and the complicated nature of [what's happened between them]... So, no matter... even if they are apart, they are together. You realize that? I mean, if they are in the same room, there's always going to be a little tension and a little, you know, maybe they are in denial but it's always going to be there."

Catch Genie's return to "General Hospital" on Monday on ABC.

-- Jolie Lash

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