Han Seung Yeon casting in 'Jang Ok Jung'

Han Seung Yeon decided to cast in 'Jang Ok Jung'.

On February 1st, the production agency of new SBS drama 'Jang Ok Jung Lives For Love', told that KARA's Han Seung Yeon recently decided to cast in the drama.

Han Seung Yeon will be casting as a character who is a rival to Kim Tae Hee's character.

DSP Media told, "Han Seung Yeon decided to cast in the drama after a long and thorough consideration. She did surprise appearances in a number of Japanese drama, but it's the first time for her to fully cast in a drama. She is going through a great amount of preparation."

On the other hand, 'Jang Ok Jung' will premiere in April as the sequel of 'King of Ambition'.

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