Jackie Chan breaks Guinness World Records

8 Dec – It was revealed that international action star Jackie Chan was recently awarded with two Guinness World Records.

As reported on CRI, on 5 December, the "CZ12" actor arrived in Shanghai to receive the two Guinness World Record certificates. The actor was awarded "The Most Stunts Performed by a Living Actor" and "Most Credits in One Movie" awards.

Jackie was quoted saying, "I was surprised. I never thought about winning a record during the making of "CZ12"."

The actor continued, "When I made this film, I never thought about winning a Guinness Record. I never thought about the 15 different roles that I did. In fact you could say more than 15 roles. I also joined in on dubbing and putting in effects."

The actor won the record for the 15 credits to his name for "CZ12", for performing duties as director, lead actor, writer, cinematographer, and theme tune vocalist, to name a few.


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