Jackie explains PSY's success

3 Mar – Jackie Chan is known to be a huge fan of PSY's "Gangnam Style" and the Hong Kong action star claimed that staying firm about his work in Korea is the reason why PSY is so successful around the world today, according to Allkpop.

In a recent interview in Korean TV show "Knee Drop Guru", Jackie said, "PSY had such big success with "Gangnam Style" because he never actually had thoughts about expanding into the United States. He worked hard keeping to his own self, and he succeeded because the stars aligned and the timing was perfect."

He also explained, "Before you talk about Hollywood, you have to be diligent to yourself. You have to do well in your country. When I was still in China, I patiently waited, and Hollywood eventually came to me."

Meanwhile, Jackie was criticized by netizens recently for misusing a military car in Beijing. There were photos on Weibo showing the actor getting into an Audi with a white military plate. Nevertheless, Jackie did not make any comment on the issue.


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