Jang Dong Woo reveals a photo taken with Kwak Jung Wook

INFINITE's Jang Dong Woo showed off his friendship with Kwak Jung Wook.

On February 9th, INFINITE's Jang Dong Woo uploaded a photo on his Twitter and wrote "Yeah~My hottest family, Actor Kwk. He came to support me."

He continued, "You are the best. Thank you, Jung Wook. Let's meet up some time soon."

In the photo, Jang Dong Woo is posing for a photo with Kwak Jung Wook,

Especially, Kwak's look that is quite different from the one that he showed in 'School 2013'.

Netizens made comments, such as "Both of them are hot", "Kwak Jung Wook is handsome, and he has a great friend", and "I hope they will keep building even great friendship."

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