Ji Hyun-woo: "I will still do the same"

13 Jun – After being missing for three days since his startling public love confession to actress Yoo In-na, "Queen In-hyun's Man" actor Ji Hyun-woo finally emerged from his silence.

According to Allkpop website, the besotted actor updated his Twitter account stating that he is "eating well and living well."

Ji stated, "I did not disappear. Don't worry. I will still do the same thing if I am put in the same situation again. Nobody who cares about other people's business so much ends up doing well, so please keep your worrying at a minimum. Be happy everyone."

The Twitter update is Ji Hyun-woo's first response to the public after his shocking confession made to Yoo In-na at the wrap-up party for "Queen In-Hyun's Man". Since then, he had cut off all contact with the outside world, including his agent.


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