Jiro Wang returns for KO. 3

3 Jan – After the success of the Taiwanese 2005 drama "KO One", Jiro Wang will be back as Wang Da Dong (KO. 3) in the time-travelling teen drama, "KO One Return".

Popular Asians reported that in several teaser pictures that was revealed online, the Fahrenheit member is seen showing off his muscular thighs clad in an angel skirt.

The angel costume, a white sleeveless costume made up of a belted dress and a huge pair of angel wings, was reportedly much adored by Jiro that he was often seen posing as Cupid in it to amuse the crew.

Despite his actual age of 31, in "KO One Return", Jiro will be returning as the lovable 18-year-old Wang Da Dong who has to deliver the real Liu Bei back to the Silver Dimension. In the process, he encounters an inter-dimensional time quake and is thrown ten years into the future - where his leadership is threatened by King (played by Ceng Pei Ci).


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