Jun Hye-bin's congratulatory message to HaHa criticised

21 Aug – It was a good intention go wrong for "Laws of the Jungle 2" actress Jun Hye-bin, who is criticised for her congratulatory wish to HaHa's engagement.

According to a report on Kpopfever, earlier on 2 August episode of tvN's "Taxi", HaHa revealed that he used to have a crush on the actress during filming of their MBC sitcom, "NonStop" in 2003 – with Jun Hye-bin still a rookie actress at the time. The entertainer stated, "We filmed kiss scenes and such. At first it felt like a joke but eventually I really got to like her. I mustered up enough courage to confess to her, but I ended up getting humiliated."

However, after the "Running Man" star made the surprising announcement of his upcoming nuptials, on 15 August, Jun Hye-bin updated her Twitter, saying, "When I return from the jungle, I saw the news about HaHa - whom I rejected with a serious look on my face, getting married to the lovely Byul. I'm sorry, HaHa. I thought you were kidding then. I deeply congratulate both of you. The two of you look so good together. I'm so jealous."

Netizens were not too pleased about Jun's supposedly light-hearted comment, feeling that the remark about her rejection to his proposal is not appropriate and quite distasteful for a wedding congratulation.


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