Jung Yong-hwa will focus on music

5 June – It was revealed that CNBlue lead singer Jung Yong-hwa has decided that instead of pursuing acting jobs, he will be focusing on his music career until the end of this year .

Koreaboo website reported that FNC Entertainment official was quoted saying, "Jung Yong-hwa wants to make a name for himself as a musician more than as an actor. As well as taking part in the band's new album, CNBlue will be busy touring abroad this year."

While the frontman and "Heartstrings" star is busy with his music compositions, band members Kang Min-hyuk and Lee Jong-hyun are currently playing a role in the TV dramas "My Husband's Got a Family" and "A Gentleman's Dignity". Meanwhile, bassist Lee Jung-shin is taking acting lessons.

In related news, Jung lately helped launch the career of Korean-Japanese singer Juniel by composing and producing songs for the newbie's debut album – slated for a release this month.


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