Kevin Cheng and Chinese actress rumoured to be in a relationship

23 Jun - 42-year-old TVB Best Actor winner Kevin Cheng is now rumoured to be in a relationship with a Chinese actress, Hu San when he was shooting his latest drama, "Long Journey to Love". Chinese media said Hu San looks alike to Taiwanese pop singer, Jolin Tsai, as they referred to Hu San as "Pirated Jolin Tsai".

After finishing shooting "Scarlet Heart", the Chinese drama which helped him to gain his high popularity in the Chinese-speaking region, Kevin started to focus his acting career in Mainland China. Rumour-mongers said Kevin and Hu are already in a secretive relationship for the past 2 months.

During his drama shooting in Shanghai, Kevin was photographed to have a kiss bruise on his neck by the Chinese media. It has also come to the media's attention that Hu always uploads their photo to Weibo, the most popular micro-blogging site in China.

However, Kevin denied the Hu relationship rumours and told the media that Hu is already in love with another man. He said he is being "pranked" by the Netizens and all the rumours that have gone viral online are not true.


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