The “King of Gyoza” is here

Text by Tris Marlis @ Makansutra, Images courtesy of Osaka Ohsho

The “King of Gyoza” is hereOver-sized dumpling cradled by a pair of chopsticks welcome diners at the entrance

In Singapore, Japanese food is so popular, it’s almost everywhere now. We have specialist in every Japanese food category, let it be sushi, izakaya, ramen, curry or donburi. What’s next for us? It’s Japanese gyoza, or dumplings.

Osaka Ohsho, “The King of Gyoza in Osaka,” has opened its first branch in Singapore at Raffles City Shopping Center. Osaka Ohsho was established in 1969 as a gyoza specialist, their menu later evolved to include Chinese cuisine, or better known as Chuka in Japanese. They currently have over 300 outlets in Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea and now Singapore.

The “King of Gyoza” is hereBlack vinegar fried chicken set meal is $14.90, include gyoza and miso soupTo make their signature gyoza, only customised Osaka Ohsho grills that control temperature at a constant 95 degrees Celcius is used. Their menu also includes a wide range of Japanese fare as well as Chinese. You will find Chinese dishes, such as Mabo Tofu, Sweet and Sour Pork and Double Cooked Pork. Other highlights are their Ban Ban Chicken (cold appetiser of sliced chicken with sesame sauce), Fuwatoro Tenshin Han (Japanese omelette) and Black Vinegar Fried Chicken.

“We look forward to providing diners here the authentic Osaka Ohsho experience. I also very happy I can eat this everyday,” says Mr Takahashi Kenici, CEO of Japan Foods Holding, an investment holding company which will operate Osaka Ohsho along with a chain of other Japanese restaurants.

Osaka Ohsho is located at #B1-75, Raffles City Shopping Center, 252 North Bridge Rd. For more information, call 6338-5584 or go to their website at Osaka Ohsho is open 11.30am to 9.45pm daily.