Kwon Jung-yeol ad Kim Yoon-ju in a relationship

27 Jun – After Seo Woo/In Kyo-jin and Yoo In-na/Ji Hyun-woo relationship were revealed, it was reported that 10cm's member Kwon Jung-yeol and indie band singer Kim Yoon-ju revealed that they have been dating for the past three months.

As reported on Global Mnet website, on 23 June broadcast of KBS 2FM radio show, Kim Yoon-joo - a regular guest on the show opened up about her relationship. When asked when her last kiss was, Kim Yoon-joo answered, "Yesterday."

The radio host, Hong Jin-kyung commented, "So, you′re in a relationship right now," to which Kim responded with only a laugh.

Kim Yoon-joo didn′t talk specifically about Kwon Jung-yeol on the day′s broadcast. However, a source noticed that the "Americano" singer and Dalmoon member have been seen dating in Hongdae - not caring about the surrounding attention.


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