Lee Sang-soon to make a film debut

29 Apr – It was revealed that musician Lee Sang-soon – or more well-known as Lee Hyo-ri's boyfriend will be making his film debut.

Dkpopnews website reported that Lee will be appearing in the film "Surely Not" that is planned to be released at the 13th Jeonju International Film Festival.

"Surely Not", directed by "Second Half" director Jo Sung-gyu tells the story of a top actress ("Secret Garden" star Choi Yoon-so) who gets caught in a scandal with a comedian. After getting dumped and being banned from dating, she met a starving musician who will change her life.

Other than Lee Sang-soon, other musicians who will be appearing in the film are guitarist Lee Neung-ryong, singer-songwriter Lim Ju-yeon and bassist Jung Joong-yup among others.


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