McCartney records song to promote vegetarian food

Pop music legend Sir Paul McCartney has recorded a song for a new TV advert to promote his late wife Linda's vegetarian food range, the company which makes the food announced on Friday as it posted a YouTube clip of the song.

The McCartney family said the track is part of the #LoveLinda campaign they have been working for the Linda McCartney Foods brand. This is the first time in 15 years that the brand has done TV advertising.

The TV advert shows the McCartney family in animated psychedelic form while Paul and and a band perform a re-recorded version of his song "Heart Of The Country", which appeared on 1971 album Ram.

A voiceover has been provided by veteran singer-songwriter Elvis Costello, who has been a vegetarian since the early 1980s.

"Linda always talked well and made it seem that you wouldn't be joining a secret weird society by being vegetarian," Costello said.

The animation transports viewers into a fairy-tale world where characters such as Horse Boy, Napoleon Dog and Ballerina Cat join the McCartney family, including Linda who died in 1998, in a musical fanfare that culminates with a woodland feast.

It will be broadcast for the first time on January 28 to launch a new range of Linda McCartney chilled meat free foods from, the company said.


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