PSY to retain "Gangnam Style" for Japanese debut

11 Aug - It was revealed that PSY has decided not to use the title "Roppongi Style" for his Japanese debut.

According to Omonatheydidn't website, PSY and his agency, YG Entertainment has decided not to change the title due to the current popularity of "Gangnam Style" after it went viral on the Internet.

Earlier, PSY was scheduled to make his Japanese debut with his single re-titled as "Roppongi Style". The Japanese single would have featured a change in its original lyrics.

"Gangnam Style" is currently the most talked about music video for its music, eccentric music video and its funny horse choreography. The song was re-Tweeted by singers like Josh Groban and T-Pain and enjoyed recognition from various media like CNN, the LA Times and the Wall Street Journal.


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