Secret of celebrities shimmering face, what do they do at night?

[by Park Jin jin / translated by Kang Jung yeon / photo by Lee Hyun mu] face of celebrities looks like they glow themself.

Especially the few celebrities who well known for their flawless skin, glow without light. What would be their secret for the skin?

The skin is the greatest weapon to celebrities. They concentrate on skin care every season every day. They never forget to do skin care every time before putting on a makeup. They also nourish skin with mask pack before they go to bed.

Be picky choosing mask pack

Beauty industry is releasing many mask pack depends on the trouble person have. People can choose which product they want.

SNP cosmetic can be a good example. It comes in various types that it let people choose which effect they want. If want to have special care for elasticity, wrinkle, or another, they simply need to choose the pack.

If want the both affect, the person only need to do is putting on the mask pack and shift it. Putting it on twice of three times a week can let them have silky skin.

A staff member from SNP said that, people starts to feel skin loos from mid 20s. In this situation, the person only needs to use the mask pack regularly. It is easy quick, and functional.

How to use, depends on mask pack

To have 100% effect of the pack, it needs to be used step by step. After the cleansing, dry the face and apply skin tonic.

A cream with thick texture such as face lotion or serum should be avoided when using a mask pack. It can block the ingredients of mask pack from getting absorbed.

Put mask pack on and take it off after 20 to 30 minutes after it is well absorbed to skin. After that, gently pat the face to absorb essence left on skin.

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