Soo Young mentioned about Yoon Ah & Lee Seung Gi's relationship

Girl's Generation's Soo Young mentioned about Yoon Ah & Lee Seung Gi's relationship.

During January 1st broadcast of SBS 'Night Of TV Entertainment', MC Yoon Do Hyun and Soo Young celebrated the new year.

Yoon Do Hyun first said, "A breaking news about Yoon Ah's romance broke out on the first day of the year."

Soo Young showed an awkward smile, and Yoon Do Hyun added, "She admitted it."

Then, Soo Young said, "I feel like I am being interviewed," and Yoon Do Hyun said, "Here's the actual question. What did people around you say?"

Soo Young said, "Everyone wished them a beautiful relationship, and I am so proud of the two."

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi and Yoon Ah's relationship was reported on January 1st, and both of them admitted it.

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