Sunny Hill to release new single

17 Apr – Loen Entertainment's group Sunny Hill has announced that they will be making a comeback with their latest single on 20 April.

As reported on Koreaboo website, Sunny Hill's label, Loen Entertainment announced, "After re-organising themselves as a four-member girl group, Sunny Hill will be releasing their new single, "Is the White Horse coming?" and will commence promotions."

They continued, "Composer Lee Min-soo and songwriter Kim Yi-na have collaborated together to create the song. You can expect to hear a unique and emotionally enriched song. To show a new side, Sunny Hill has prepared diligently for their comeback. Please anticipate the new and updated Sunny Hill."

Sunny Hill has released a single called "The Grasshopper Song" earlier this year. However, their promotions were cut short when their only male member, Jang Hyun entered the military.


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