ZE:A's Kwang Hee to join 'We Got Married'

ZE:A's Kwang Hee decided to join 'We Got Married', and SECRET's Han Sun Hwa is being talked about as the best candidate of his partner.

On 17th, an official from ZE:A's agency said, "Kwang Hee recently decided to cast in MBC 'We Got Married'."

He continued, "We finished shooting some parts already," and "We only finished shooting of Kwang Hee's solo shots, and even he doesn't know who will become his partner."

SECRET's Han Sun Hwa is being talked about as the best candidate, and her agency said, "We are considering it positively, but nothing was decided yet."

MBC said, "No couple will take off even after the new couple joins." However, it seems that some change will be unavoidable, because Lee Teuk is starting his military service at the end of the year, and Eun Jung is getting a lot of negative comments because of the recent incident of T-ara.

On the other hand, Kwang Hee is recently casting in drama 'For You'.

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